Psychic Self-Defense (Against the Dark Arts)

Psychic self-defense 

I’m PVWitch, aka Tallah . I’m a witch, I live in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, and I’ve been studying the occult since I was seventeen.

I discovered that I had a knack for protective and cleansing spells when I was forced to use them extensively to heal my own life after it went Krakatoa. As I worked on healing myself and getting my energy levels back to something recognizable as human, I experienced an influx of folks coming into the HERBARIUM (my family’s place of business) looking for help in the same area.

People who felt under the influence of a curse or hex, people who had recently left abusive relationships, or were currently trapped in them and couldn’t get out, but needed protection. I had taught Spiritual Cleansing before, but these folks needed more help than just a cleansing; they needed a complete overhaul.

Inspired by pop culture and personal experiences, I decided to offer Psychic Self-Defense (Against the Dark Arts) as a way to share the knowledge and foresight I wish I had set up years ago. Had I known the red flags to watch out for, it might have saved me some pain and suffering.  It is my hope that someone else may be spared that same fate, and if so then I’ve done my job.

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