Get To Know The Pioneer Valley Witch – Audio Appearances

It’s been a bust week for this little PVWitch! I was a guest on two blogtalk radio programs, on the Magical Experiments station, hosted by Taylor Ellwood.

Magical Experiments – Pop Culture Magic Tools
I had the honor of joining two other pop culute mages on tTaylor’s show the other night. I think we could have just kept going for another hour, just on our personal views of pop culutre as modern mythology.

Herbal Answer Man : Episode 5 – Meet the Office Witch
Official Podcast for my family’s business, The Herbarium. My father, JOnathan Evans, is  the herbal information specialist at the shop, and I”m the Office Witch. On this week’s episode, I get to be interviewed and have a chance to explain and elaborate just what I do and why i call myself a Wtich. Very much for Muggles 🙂


Resistance Around The Table

This speaks to my Polish and Irish roots. I have no idea what my ancestors who stayed in the homelands did or felt during any of the world wars, but my soul says they resisted and fought back with everything they had, even if it was only the strength of their hearts. And so will I.


By Sabina Magliocco

My dining room table was purchased in Paris at the end of the 1800s when my great-grandfather Giulio de Castro married my great-grandmother, Marguerite Weil. It is a solid, beautifully-crafted Second Empire-style piece made of European walnut.  With both leaves attached, it can seat twelve. It is the kind of piece an upper-middle-class family would have wanted at the turn of the 20th century to demonstrate its prosperity and hospitality to guests and family members alike. It went to Port Said, Egypt, where my great-grandparents lived in a large European colonial community, including many Jewish families who had businesses on the Suez Canal.  In 1939, when WWII broke out and the family had to repatriate because Egypt was a British protectorate and Italy had allied with the Axis, it went back with them to Italy, to a house in Rome on Via Aldega. During the…

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“It has to hurt if it’s to heal!” – Urgl, The Neverending story


Sure could use some of that famous Bat Wing Broth right about now.


It hurts alright. A lot. And it’s going to take time to heal from this betrayal, and time is the one thing we don’t have much of. Right now, as of writing this, (Nov 9th 2016), Obama is still president and all the progressive legislation that was passed in recent years is still in place. Freedom of speech has not been revoked and the Internet is a place of free discourse and connection.

The pain is there, like a weight on all of us, and some may succumb to the pressure of despair. I urge you to find strength and connection with your friends and family who support those rights we all hold dear, and some have taken for granted on a grand scale.

You are allowed to be hurt. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to rant and rave and scream and cry unto the heavens if you so choose. But know that at the end of the raving and release of emotions, we are all still stuck on this beautiful blue marble in space and that we little ants in the system have the power and the NUMBERS to make great change.

If we are brave enough. 

“Do they make it, Atreyu?”  “I’m not sure yet…”

I do not ask you to put your life in danger, if it can be avoided. Some of us will be living in terror from now on, looking over our shoulders at every public outing, or not daring to leave the house without a friendly escort. I pray for your safety. There is a time-honored method of Witches and magic users in times of intense pressure and strife; a method that in the last 30 years or so, the occult community has all but disavowed and turned their back on. It is making a resurgence and I for one welcome the option. I am speaking of Curses and Hexes.

Now is not the time to hide behind a misunderstood bastardization of Karma. There is no Three-Fold Law that all witches ascribe to. I was raised with the Golden Rule of “Treat others how you would like to be treated”, and right now the world has let us know, in no uncertain terms, how it would like to see marginalized people be treated. Hint, It’s not with Love & Light.

Clearly, our ancestors had no moral qualms about cursing, as grimoires and spell books are filled with them and every culture has their own little quirks of deflecting The Evil Eye. Now it is more than just covetous eyes upon us; the owners of those eyes would see harm done to us for merely existing in their monochromatic world. And we are not all in a place to fight back with our bodies, minds, or even voices if we dare.Spell work and curses have a long history of being subtle and powerful ways of whittling away at the grander scale of things.

I ask you now, take a look at your life and then look ahead to where is could most likely go from there. It’s a pretty bleak picture. Would you give in to despair and await your fate, or would you take up occult arms against the surging tide of darkness and use the anger inside you to fuel some real change on a grander metaphysical scale?

We are all hurting. Let’s take that hurt and use it to start healing. Set up your protection spells and charms.  Get your finances in order and figure out a game plan. If you need protection spells, ask for them. I for one will be offering free, or reduced price protection charms to those in dire need. I will also be taking the anger of this injustice and using it to fuel my curses at those monsters who would send us back to the stone age. If nothing else, it will make me feel better for a while.

Or at least until a Luck Dragon shows up.


This is why curses exist 

And now is time to cut the love & light bullshit and start fighting back. If dealing with a psychopathic Satanist has taught me anything , it is that there is a time and a reason for a curse. Now is the time. Now is the reason.

I will be posting more curses and hexes, some I have used and some others have done. I cannot sit by and let this happen. I have knowledge and information for witches , so here is where I will share it.

Thus do I accept the mantle My Lord of Hunters has given me.

Pre-Election Prayer

Columbia, Lady Liberty of the United States, hear my prayer.

Your people are on a knife edge and will decide who governs this land. Will it be a deeply hated woman or will it be the paragon of toxic masculinity? Will this country fall into the hands of fascism or will we take the next step into a future where the Goddess returns? Will we come together, or fall apart?

Lady Liberty, you have watched your people grow and learn and fail and begin again. You have seen us at our worst and at our best. You can see the patterns we are too close to notice and you know where we are heading. I pray we are taking the correct and best path towards progress.

May all your people remember the words inscribed on you tablet.

May they see the light of your torch and find comfort in darkness.

May the stars in your crown guide us to a new day of hope and togetherness.

May we remember that we are all AMERICANS and we are One People, of one race- The Human Race.

Columbia, Lady of Liberty, pray for us.

Bizzaro World or a sign of better things to come?

The Chicago Cubs won the world series, which wasn’t that hard of a concept considering their new manager and half the team are the same guys who got the Boston Red Sox (GO SOX) to be two-time champions and broke the Curse of the Bambino.

The other night, I burned an effigy of The Donald that I’ve been throwing curses at since August. The words that poured out of my trance-laden mouth were from another voice, not mine, and they were cold and hard and absolutely done with this shit in no uncertain terms.

Afterwards, I went to my altar to commune with the spirits and Lady Hekate in particular. I asked for a clear, unmistakable, and highly visible sign that things would get better and that the world has shifted back towards the balance point.

And the Cubs won.

We’re going to have the first woman president in US history.

The shift is happening now.

Hold on to your bowels, kids.