When your pop culture cosmology gets tainted

How does one reconcile the fact that the taint of Evil has infiltrated ones most sacred fandom?

Even though it’s a tiny detail, on a short miniseries /side arc, in the unrecorded history of a sadistic villain, who has never in-canon said or acted in accordance with the Tainting Evil, but nevertheless bears a permanent stamp of that Evil… how does a pop culture pagan handle that?

I’m livid and sick to the depths of my heart at the despicable twist Marvel has put into the Captain America legacy. TO TRY AND RETCON THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF THE CHARACTER IS FUCKING HERESY.
There is enough outrage from the fandom that I can see a boycott or hitting Marvel in the wallet might get something accomplished. But then I thought farther.
Marvel is owned by Disney now.
We’re all aware of the darker history behind the house that Walt built, but this would be like them trying to say Donald Duck was a sleeper agent all along.
((Since writing this post on my Tumblr, I have seen a letter writing/phone call campaign forming to contact Disney and let the parent company know that this is NOT family friendly and if there’s one thing Disney cares about, it’s their image and money. Other efforts began last year with the initial reveal, but it appears Marvel cares not a whit for the fans and have doubled down on the desecration of Cap’s legacy. Let’s see if the Nanny Mouse listens.))

And then an artist over at IDW comics answers a fan question and confirms that he made the choice to have Rocksteady sporting a WS tattoo from when he, apparently, ran with some skinheads off-canon.

Rocksteady, whose BFF and not-quite-hetero-lifemate Bebop was a Black man, pre-mutation.

I mean, I can absolutely see that happening. Because even back in 1987, human Rocksteady looked like a goddamn skinhead. So it wouldn’t seem too out of the blue to suggest such a thing, or include it in fanfiction or something. Even in canon mentioning would be different (maybe, idk) than having it RIGHT FUCKING THERE IN THE ARTWORK.

As I said on my side blog, I don’t fucking like or condone the choice, but I understand. It makes a disgusting sort of sense.

But they didn’t have to fucking go and DO IT.

Bebop & Rocksteady don’t have a set place in my personal TMNT universe, or cosmology. But they are an important part of the TMNT multi-verse, and it has been established that all TMNT versions are true.

So the taint has come to the one realm I thought was safe.

And that makes my very soul want to puke.

Get To Know The Pioneer Valley Witch – Audio Appearances

It’s been a bust week for this little PVWitch! I was a guest on two blogtalk radio programs, on the Magical Experiments station, hosted by Taylor Ellwood.

Magical Experiments – Pop Culture Magic Tools
I had the honor of joining two other pop culute mages on tTaylor’s show the other night. I think we could have just kept going for another hour, just on our personal views of pop culutre as modern mythology.

Herbal Answer Man : Episode 5 – Meet the Office Witch
Official Podcast for my family’s business, The Herbarium. My father, JOnathan Evans, is  the herbal information specialist at the shop, and I”m the Office Witch. On this week’s episode, I get to be interviewed and have a chance to explain and elaborate just what I do and why i call myself a Wtich. Very much for Muggles 🙂


One Reason Why I Love the Ninja Turtles 

Not that I truly require a reason, but the thought occured to me a moment ago while watching the 2016 movie with My Knight.

One of the plot points was the purple ooze being  able to turn the Guys human and the lengths Mikey and Raph go to in order to get it. They’re both so desperate to be accepted and seen as normal. “People fear what they don’t understand,” said Master Splinter. But I feel their pain and heartache.

I’ve spent my whole life never feeling like I belong anywhere. For a long time I thought I was a changeling or as my brother so eloquently put it, “found by the railroad tracks”. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I look like both my parents, I’d think I was adopted. I don’t truly understand people and they have no idea who I am. Hell I don’t even know who I am. If there was a magic potion I could take that would make me ‘human’ and accepted by everyone, I’m not gonna lie, I would be sorely tempted to use it.

I GET why Mikey and Raph are so determined to take that chance of a lifetime. I said as much to My Knight, who has never been plagued with the concept that he is not who he believes himself to be. “I am who I am. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing.”

“Babe I get that, I do, but you’ve never had the feeling that you were dropped in from another dimension and weren’t given any sort of instruction guide to the inhabitants. I didn’t have the words for it until recently, but now I understand why I connect so strongly to these guys.”

And of course, the lesson is that we are all different and that is what sets us apart from each other and can make us capable of great things. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do if we weren’t who we are. And sometimes you find the right people to reveal yourselves to and they will be the ones to know of your true worth.

But in the back of my mind, I still wonder….