The Lack of Woo

I got involved with ‘discourse’ on a friends FB page today. On the topic of why we older Millennials are stuck in a limbo between childhood and adulthood and where we fail to live up to the Adult markers the previous generation laid out and then stole from us.

Most of the comments were a laundry list of where people tried and failed to Adult, how those who have met some of the markers still feel out of place, and it was turning into a mass outpouring of shame and guilt.

I admit, I was baked when I first wrote my response and I’m pretty sure I was channeling something.

My comment was an admittedly inaccurate condensed version of THIS podcast as I best remembered the message- Western society lacks concrete milestones and spiritual training to usher the younger generation into adulthood.

And it went about as well as expected, thankfully without hostilities. The guy I was in discourse with did not seem to equate shamanic rituals as much more that “rattle shaking” and declared my source material as “too much woo”.

Fine. Whatever. Not everyone is prepared to entertain the idea that we are a spiritually starved nation, I get it.

But don’t diss the Woo, man.
And Christina Pratt is one of the least Woo-Woo instructors I’ve ever come across.

Frankly i think we could all do with a little more Woo in our lives, if only to help swallow the spikey, bitter, poison pill of reality. Because there is more to this world than meets the physical eyes. We would all do well to remember that.

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