When your pop culture cosmology gets tainted

How does one reconcile the fact that the taint of Evil has infiltrated ones most sacred fandom?

Even though it’s a tiny detail, on a short miniseries /side arc, in the unrecorded history of a sadistic villain, who has never in-canon said or acted in accordance with the Tainting Evil, but nevertheless bears a permanent stamp of that Evil… how does a pop culture pagan handle that?

I’m livid and sick to the depths of my heart at the despicable twist Marvel has put into the Captain America legacy. TO TRY AND RETCON THE ENTIRE CONCEPT OF THE CHARACTER IS FUCKING HERESY.
There is enough outrage from the fandom that I can see a boycott or hitting Marvel in the wallet might get something accomplished. But then I thought farther.
Marvel is owned by Disney now.
We’re all aware of the darker history behind the house that Walt built, but this would be like them trying to say Donald Duck was a sleeper agent all along.
((Since writing this post on my Tumblr, I have seen a letter writing/phone call campaign forming to contact Disney and let the parent company know that this is NOT family friendly and if there’s one thing Disney cares about, it’s their image and money. Other efforts began last year with the initial reveal, but it appears Marvel cares not a whit for the fans and have doubled down on the desecration of Cap’s legacy. Let’s see if the Nanny Mouse listens.))

And then an artist over at IDW comics answers a fan question and confirms that he made the choice to have Rocksteady sporting a WS tattoo from when he, apparently, ran with some skinheads off-canon.

Rocksteady, whose BFF and not-quite-hetero-lifemate Bebop was a Black man, pre-mutation.

I mean, I can absolutely see that happening. Because even back in 1987, human Rocksteady looked like a goddamn skinhead. So it wouldn’t seem too out of the blue to suggest such a thing, or include it in fanfiction or something. Even in canon mentioning would be different (maybe, idk) than having it RIGHT FUCKING THERE IN THE ARTWORK.

As I said on my side blog, I don’t fucking like or condone the choice, but I understand. It makes a disgusting sort of sense.

But they didn’t have to fucking go and DO IT.

Bebop & Rocksteady don’t have a set place in my personal TMNT universe, or cosmology. But they are an important part of the TMNT multi-verse, and it has been established that all TMNT versions are true.

So the taint has come to the one realm I thought was safe.

And that makes my very soul want to puke.

When the Universe wants to test your resolve…

So I was cruising right along with my life, things were falling in to place and my Witchy home business was starting to attract clients and house blessing jobs and the like.

And then the Retrogrades hit and I got derailed.

But really, I hit a roadblock on what I think the Universe wants from me vs what the Universe is actually throwing at me to get done.

I’ve had three instances where I have been called upon to curse or hex someone who absolutely deserved it. As in, St Michael himself appeared in a dream with his fire sword and said “This person has comitted Sins against God, Man, Woman, Child, and Animal. You must aid us in bringing Justice.” 

The first one,  I have no problem with cursing to the depths of hell and back. They’ve caused irreparable damage to innocent children and are going to trial for it on the New Moon. That’s the one St Michael has already marked.

The second one is my mother-in-laws husband who has become a danger to her and others. He’s got major health issues that he refuses to get treated and the poisonous bile in his body has started eating away at his brain. He himself believes he will be gone by September, and at this point, casting something to speed up nature’s progress would be a mercy. Mom-in-law is not known for her self-preservation skills, so her son (my hubs) is keeping an eye on the situation. This man wil not be missed when he goes.

And the third person is another in-law, one of the cousins. She’s an unfit heroin addict mother, who does drugs in front of her 6 year old son, sucks her mother dry of energy and cash and her health (auntie has has 3 heart attacks thanks to her daughters drama), and most recently tried to hit our 75 year old grandmother who called her out for being a terrible parent. She uses her son as a blackmail to get Auntie to do whatever she wants (“Pay my rent/ electric bil/ drug money or else I’ll never let you see your grandson”), has physically attacked family members and then called the police to have THEM arrested, and knows how to manipulate the system to get exactly what she wants, while neglecting her son and exposing him to dangerous people. He’s only 6 and I’ve watched the innocent light fade from his eyes over the last 2 years. She almost let him choke to death at a Christmas party bc she couldn’t be bothered to get off her phone. My mother-in-law saved his life and that bitch screamed “don’t you touch my kid” when she noticed he was gone. Because she knows how to play the system, no one dared call CPS on her, because they don’t know what horrible lies will fall from her lips. If I could just have 5 minutes to beat the shit out of her, I’d feel better. But I don’t, and can’t. And the list of reasons not to hex this girl have grown shorter and shorter and when I heard that she tried to hit Grammy, that was it.

Black candle time. 

I have cursed in the past,  those who personally harmed me or a loved one. Only once did a curse ever rebound and it was bc of my own hubris and I recognize that. I don’t enjoy curses, not the large ordeals and the preparation and the cleansing afterwards and the knowledge that what I have done has effected someone’s life like that. But the results were for the betterment of other people’s lives.

In my first curse, I got a baby taken away from his neglecting mother who had drug parties in the house. The month after I cursed her, DCF showed up the next morning after a party for a surprise inspection and saw a mountain of cocaine on the table next to the supply cups.

The second time, I was livid-pissed at my cheating ex and screamed into his voice mail that I hoped he never saw his daughter again. He lost visitation privilege a year later and blamed me. Not long after that we broke up and got mutual restraining orders. Almost two years later I got a visit from the local PD who were investigating why someone would have another restraining order against him, and I found out he was wanted in a possible rape/assault case. Which fit his MO and nearly happened to me. I put his ass in a mirror box and tossed it into a swamp. He’s hasn’t been seen in 3 years.

And now I’m faced with three more candidates for “removal” and/or advanced justice. I’ve been dragging my feet thru a moral swamp of do I or don’t I with regards to the in-laws. The first fucker I have no qualms about destroying and sending him to Judgement.

I don’t generally enjoy curse work like this.

But when the Universe keeps throwing garbage in my path, I gotta move it out of the way if I want to continue. 


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