Messages from the Universe 

Ever notice how when the Universe wants to tell you something, the synchronicities become more and more obvious until your thick human brain picks up on the  fact?

Here’s a prime example – Pictured here are the three most recent physical books I’ve been reading over the past few months. I start reading books  all the time and rarely finish the non-fiction ones. Of  these three, Icelandic Magic is the only one I’ve read all the way through. In addition to avid reading , I have a collection of audiobooks for the hour+ long daily drive to work through Quabbin Nature Preserve. Currently , I’m listening to Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey , which tells the  story of a young woman born from a forgotten Bear goddess worshipping forest people and a breed of humans directly descended from Angels, who is searching for her destiny. I’ve been getting a lot of strong Pop Culture Pagan feels from this one but that’s  for another  post.

The red book is about the Icelandic Magical Staves and how to utilize them, or make one’s own. The yellow book is about ecstatic trance poses and how the author used them to ‘uncover missing myths’ about the Norse goddesses. Even if it’s technically fanfiction, it’s a great read and gets my mind working. The blue book is an intellectual, historical, and practical looks at shamanic practices throughout the world, Northern European in particular bc they survived  longer into the Christian age  and have a ton of archeological validity. All of the books encourage an open mind and heart towards Norse heathenry and make it point to say “This is for everyone, everywhere.”

Shamanic journey has been an intellectual passion of mine since I can remember, but due to various reasons is something to which I have no formal training and only rudementary  experience. There’s a shamanic group a few towns over that I want to meet, if I can kick myself into gear & save up for lessons. I’ve also been working on sigils this week and utilizing the Icelandic magical stave for finding one’s direction in life. I acquired The Norse Shaman last week and started reading it last night. A few nights ago, I had two dreams involving bears, and yesterday I saw a juvenile black bear on my morning commute. And just the other day,my Big Sister made a comment about how Anubis  (her patron deity) has always liked me, which I knew but it’s always nice to hear it from His priestess.

So I happened to glance at the back covers of these books and I noticed some similarities…

I’ll give you a moment . ….



See it yet?

I’m not certain if these all came from the same publisher in Rochester, Vermont under different departments or whatever, but… all of them are printed using solar power, support the HaciendaRioCote reforestation project, and the publishers icons are…Anubis, a bear, and Destiny.


I’m just a thick-headed human and now that I have the message, it’s up to me to actually do something about it . 

The Seven Levels of Evil, as described by Torkom Saraydarian

In his book, Battling Dark Forces: A Guide to Psychic Self-Defense  mystical author Torkom Saraydarian (1917–1997) goes in-depth about the nature of Evil in this world and what must be done to combat it. Some of his writings are a little out-there, and while I do not personally agree with some of his more militant stances on some political issues (he despised hippies because they smoked pot, and had some very old-fashioned ideas about sex), the information he provides is utterly invaluable and can be applied to just about any belief system. I am still currently working through this book, which is one of his longer volumes, and the amount of information is so dense that I need to take a few days to grok everything to fullness.

Evil comes in many forms, at many different levels. There is no stopping it, as with the duality of our universe we cannot have Good without Evil, for how else would we know the difference of one without the other? Within that duality lies a sliding scale of Little Evils to Crimes Against Nature. As human beings, imperfect creatures that we are, we are subject to the little evils and dark forces that have plagued the Earth since time began, but we have the power to negate or deflect these evil forces from causing massive damage. We also have the power to aid these Dark Forces in their plan to un-do the world.  The first step is in recognizing the different levels of Evil and rectifying them, either through word or deed.

Seven Levels Of Evil

1) Evil Thoughts  Angry thoughts, evil ideas, “energy smog”. Relatively harmless, but can accumulate if not regularly cleansed. These are our judgments, our angry thoughts of annoyance and criticism that all of us have every day. There are so many of them around that they become like an energy smog; polluting the ether and slowly poisoning humanity. These “Thought Satellites” hover around the earth and invade the thoughts of people who carry a similar energetic vibration. If you’ve ever had a sudden negative thought pop in out of the blue, that’s what happened. (Or so Torkom says. His views on mental health and illness are very much based on old information and could be considered ‘problematic’ by modern standards.)

2) Evil IntentionsEmotionally Charged thoughts specifically meant to harm others. Homing Arrows of evil thoughts and energy. Intentions are more powerful than thoughts. Thoughts are just formless vapor, whereas an intention has body and direction to it. If one thinks ill about an enemy, really ruminating on thoughts of harm to that person, the evil intentions act like a lightning rod and the Dark Forces who are looking for a good time can more easily find the target of those Evil Intentions. (Those of us who are a bit more grey-area when it comes to cursing may not see this as a bad thing.)

3) Negative EmotionsNegative feelings that we perpetuate or destroy of our own accord. He says very little on the negative emotions, save that we as humans perpetuate these three types of Evil on our own. Evil thoughts, emotions, and intentions will continue to exist as long as we feed them our energy. (Once again, his ideas on mental health and wellness are not clear, or accountable to modern standards.)

4) Subliminal Suggestions of Self-Interest One could argue that the toxic mentality of our current society is a prime example of Subconscious Manipulation. Anything that goes against one’s free-will, that undermines our nature, or that seeks to destroy our healthy self-images without us being consciously aware of it, that is a subliminal suggestion. Advertising agents use it all the time; We are constantly bombarded with messages of how we’re imperfect, how we’re bad, or wrong, and can only be made ‘right’ again by purchasing a product or service or intoxicant to make us ‘better’ or not feel anymore at all. Gaslighting and other forms of manipulative emotional abuse are examples of human-created subliminal suggestions of evil.

The first four levels of Evil are predominantly of Human-origin. We create our own evil, and in these areas, we can fix our own evils before they get too large and take on a life-force of their own. And then there are the other forms of Evil, which are outside of the Human realm, but will make use of our own fallible nature to enhance their own agenda.

5) Evil Entities – Former Humans of a highly negative nature, who became parasitic energy vampires after death. Someone who was an angry, abusive jackass in life will often continue to be an angry, abusing jackass after death, only now they’re not confined to a physical body or human laws. Angry ghosts, violent spirit attacks, possession of a person, sudden changes in personality; those are all the hallmarks of an Evil Entity attachment. They want to perpetuate the same misery they did in life, since that’s the only thing that made them ‘feel alive’ in the first place. Paranormal investigators run into these entities a lot, especially when they go to places where there was a lot of violence, death, or strong negative emotions; Prisons, old asylums, homes where severe abuse or a murder took place are where we can usually find these entities.

6) Dark ForcesNon-Human Entities of high rank. Devils and demons. These are creatures older than humanity. They are the monsters and demons of mythology and Biblical texts. They are sentient, they are not human, and they want nothing more than the destruction of the Divine Plan.

7) Those Who Sold Their Souls to DarknessHumans who willingly, and knowingly, sign away their souls to Dark Forces. Faustian deals with the devil. People who are obsessed with, and later possessed by Dark Forces and demonic entities. They have made some kind of pact with a Dark Force and sold their soul in order to gain something; Money, power, sexual conquest, revenge against their enemies, all sorts of things. Sometimes a person can be damaged, either by accident or trauma, and the Soul will run away in fear. That leaves the body open for a Dark Force to take over, to become that person, and then whatever or whoever they were before will be gone forever. (I have personally witnessed this happen… I do not recommend.)

When described like this, it seems impossible to think that there’s any way we can overcome the Evils of the world. And that’s just what the evil and dark forces want us to think. They want us to despair and fall into a hopeless stupor, because then they win and can do as they please with no resistance.

What can be done to combat these Dark Forces?

Thankfully, there’s a LOT we can do to counteract these negative influences on our lives. Being aware of them is the first step. We can then identify when an evil or dark force is effecting our behavior and make the conscious choice to NOT do what they’re telling us. We can also set up wards and protections against these forces, especially the latter three which are outside of our personal control. There are innumerable books about the subject, including this one (which i haven’t gotten to yet in my reading), but sometimes you don’t want to go digging through a book to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a primer of defense techniques and methods, I invite you to join my Psychic Self-Defense (Against the Dark Arts) class beginning June 18th. There you will learn the basic, but highly effective combat methods of regular spiritual cleansing, protective wards and charms, how to get rid of or live-with ghosts, and magical & mundane methods of dealing with troublesome humans.

Dark Forces will always exist. Evil will always be here, hiding in dark corners and in the mind & hearts of sentient humans. But we have a choice in whether we will become Agents of Darkness, or Warriors of Light. Some of us may even walk a crooked path in-between the two forces, but we must not allow Evil to triumph over Good.