More Bears in my Dreams…

Had a weird one last night.
I was sent on a literary scavenger hunt with another companion. We were given a list of clues to find in various books in a giant  library filled with people, traps, and obstacles and given 2 hours to find them all. The list was unreadable  but my teammate seemed to know where to look. I tried to follow them to the first book, but was  waylaid  by a huge snake (looked like the hypnotic snake from the Jungle Book) and had to find a detour. Then there was a MASSIVE brown bear running down aisle and I leapt up into the air and floated while backpedaling, just able to stay out of the snapping jaws. Part of me was impressed that I as able to maintain altitude for so long. I came out into the main ampetheater hub of the library and told one of the moderators that I couldn’t read the list to find the books. She looked at it and chuckled. “Oh you got the wrong list, that’s why!” She handed me another one that I could actually  read and pointed  me over to the Fiction area. Now I was looking for Harry Potter and Discworld and things I understood . But I had wasted so much time fapping around in the other part of the library I had to hurry to get past the armed Somalian guards (idk why my dream was that specific) into the Fiction section. I might have finished the dream if my dog didn’t jump up on the bed and land on my kidney.