Tarot & Spellwork Services

Can be done in-person, by phone, or online. Preferred method is online via messenger, email, or Google Hangouts/phone.

Tarot Reading Options- Receive a PDF report of your reading within 3-5 business days

$15 Three Card + Story (10-15mins)
$30 Celtic Cross Spread (30 min)
$30 Spirit Spread (30 min)
$50 Free-Form Spread (45-60mins)

Candles & Setting Lights- Receive candle burn report when finished.

$5 Pre-made Chime Candles – dressed, petitioned, burned
$20 Pre-made Novena/ Mason Style
$30 Customized Candle Formula

Charm Making
$10 Bags (Stones, Herbs, Oils, Petition)
$10 Wearables – Pre-made, Charged, Blessed
$10 – 50 Customized Spell Bottle (depending on size)
$50-100  Poppet/Fetische

House Cleansing  – Western MA Residents only
$50-100+ (depending on size of home)
Walk-thru of house w/ EVP recording sessions, energy-reading of ‘trouble spots’ found on walk thru, Feng Shui advice w/ energy clearing steps to take, smoke cleansing (or Holy Water for allergy/asthma concerns), Blessing incense/oil.

Receive a typed report w/ steps for maintenance within 3-5 business days.

Spellwork : $100+
Love Drawing/ Romance
Protection (Spiritual)
Curse Breaking
Safe Travel
Road Opening
Cleansing/ Banishing
Enhance Sex Appeal
Includes 3 card divination for best course of action, Spell candles, Petition papers, Herbal formulas, Charm bags/amulets, and steps for you to follow at home. Spellwork is a cooperative activity and best results come when you are involved in the Work. Spellwork can be a month-long process, depending on what we’re trying to manifest. Price includes cost of materials.

Coaching & Mentorship –  ASK FOR MORE DETAILS