Half-assing Halloween 

Normally , I go all out in last minute Halloween plans and decorative affairs. I’m known for raiding Dollar Tree the afternoon of and making a spoopy altar by evening.

This year I ran into financial and logistical blockages. My desire and need to be a more responsible adult clashed with my inner child and the house has minimal Halloween flair. I think I’ll over compensate by keeping the spooky stuff up and have my own version of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tonight , I have a (vague) plan for after dinner ritual: Bake M&M cookies for offerings, burn things in the chimnea for divination and political purposes, and then prepare for dream journeys. 

Happy Halloween , everyone!

More Bears in my Dreams…

Had a weird one last night.
I was sent on a literary scavenger hunt with another companion. We were given a list of clues to find in various books in a giant  library filled with people, traps, and obstacles and given 2 hours to find them all. The list was unreadable  but my teammate seemed to know where to look. I tried to follow them to the first book, but was  waylaid  by a huge snake (looked like the hypnotic snake from the Jungle Book) and had to find a detour. Then there was a MASSIVE brown bear running down aisle and I leapt up into the air and floated while backpedaling, just able to stay out of the snapping jaws. Part of me was impressed that I as able to maintain altitude for so long. I came out into the main ampetheater hub of the library and told one of the moderators that I couldn’t read the list to find the books. She looked at it and chuckled. “Oh you got the wrong list, that’s why!” She handed me another one that I could actually  read and pointed  me over to the Fiction area. Now I was looking for Harry Potter and Discworld and things I understood . But I had wasted so much time fapping around in the other part of the library I had to hurry to get past the armed Somalian guards (idk why my dream was that specific) into the Fiction section. I might have finished the dream if my dog didn’t jump up on the bed and land on my kidney.

Messages from the Universe 

Ever notice how when the Universe wants to tell you something, the synchronicities become more and more obvious until your thick human brain picks up on the  fact?

Here’s a prime example – Pictured here are the three most recent physical books I’ve been reading over the past few months. I start reading books  all the time and rarely finish the non-fiction ones. Of  these three, Icelandic Magic is the only one I’ve read all the way through. In addition to avid reading , I have a collection of audiobooks for the hour+ long daily drive to work through Quabbin Nature Preserve. Currently , I’m listening to Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey , which tells the  story of a young woman born from a forgotten Bear goddess worshipping forest people and a breed of humans directly descended from Angels, who is searching for her destiny. I’ve been getting a lot of strong Pop Culture Pagan feels from this one but that’s  for another  post.

The red book is about the Icelandic Magical Staves and how to utilize them, or make one’s own. The yellow book is about ecstatic trance poses and how the author used them to ‘uncover missing myths’ about the Norse goddesses. Even if it’s technically fanfiction, it’s a great read and gets my mind working. The blue book is an intellectual, historical, and practical looks at shamanic practices throughout the world, Northern European in particular bc they survived  longer into the Christian age  and have a ton of archeological validity. All of the books encourage an open mind and heart towards Norse heathenry and make it point to say “This is for everyone, everywhere.”

Shamanic journey has been an intellectual passion of mine since I can remember, but due to various reasons is something to which I have no formal training and only rudementary  experience. There’s a shamanic group a few towns over that I want to meet, if I can kick myself into gear & save up for lessons. I’ve also been working on sigils this week and utilizing the Icelandic magical stave for finding one’s direction in life. I acquired The Norse Shaman last week and started reading it last night. A few nights ago, I had two dreams involving bears, and yesterday I saw a juvenile black bear on my morning commute. And just the other day,my Big Sister made a comment about how Anubis  (her patron deity) has always liked me, which I knew but it’s always nice to hear it from His priestess.

So I happened to glance at the back covers of these books and I noticed some similarities…

I’ll give you a moment . ….



See it yet?

I’m not certain if these all came from the same publisher in Rochester, Vermont under different departments or whatever, but… all of them are printed using solar power, support the HaciendaRioCote reforestation project, and the publishers icons are…Anubis, a bear, and Destiny.


I’m just a thick-headed human and now that I have the message, it’s up to me to actually do something about it . 

Page Turner Persona – Revision 5.0

A Changeling Among Humans

Her eyes are open and what she sees pains her. Her magical heart, carved from the depths of Faerie so many centuries ago, has long-since hardened and become like stone after centuries of banality and strife. She had almost forgotten why she chose to live among the mortals, who would so carelessly throw away all they had been given. She is bitter, yes, but still holds hope that the Humans can see the error of thier ways. She knows that some of them still remember the old stories, the old ways, and are working to reclaim that balanced way of life. She wants to help them, but she has been so long in the Real World that she has all but forgotten the ways of leaf and glen, of forest and hunters and prey and life and death. She is remembering, though, and she is working her old memories into a new pattern with the that of the world she has been barely surviving in. Her old gods tickle her ears and heart, asking her to give way into the madness once again, to run wild and naked and covered in wine… or is it blood? She has been domesticated by the world, and as much as her heart would sing to run thru the trees again, she knows that her purpose would be lost. Now she must walk the fine line of civility and wilderness. She must be the balance point to show others how far askew the fulcrum has been pushed. And then, maybe then, she can rally them to help push it back into place. Balance will be returned, and she would have a hand in that, however small.