The Storybook Witch

She’s been charged with keeping the balance, and by all the gods, she’s going to keep it! The teeters can totter, but when one side gets too bloated, the balance point must be restored.
She aids the Youth seeking their Fortunes in the world by giving insight and offering the best course of action. Her advice will be heeded, or it won’t. Depends on the story.
Sometimes a forgotten princess or prince wanders into her woods and she tells them how to restore their lost kingdom and Regain Their Sovereignty. She coordinates animal familiars in a relay of assistance for the Royals, who are not generally known for thinking outside the box.
And sometimes a woman will come knocking at her door late at night, and tell her an horrific story that no one else would ever believe, while the witch sips her tea, offers a hankie, and mentally goes over which graveyard has a good police officer in residence.
She likes to meddle, mainly because she wishes someone could have stepped in and meddled with her life when she made some crappy choices. She’s also a hopeless romantic and love’s a truly happy ending. The world could use more of them, in her opinion.
She knows herbs for magic and medicine.
She knows how to talk to the spirits and fairies, knows all the old stories and can explain their meaning to others.
Her cards talk to her, each deck with it’s own personality and specialty.
Her whole house seems alive, not just because of her pets; cat, dog, rabbit, a flock of chickens outside, even a small dragon.
Her services are dear, and she expects payment, but she is willing to work with what people can provide. Gold can be exchanged and distributed for goods within her community. Food can be bartered, clothing, donations of whatever she can use around the house.
Other magic workers know of the fine-quality products she makes and often purchase them from her when they don’t have the time to do the prep work. They add her oils and powders to their own mixes for a little extra BOFFO, and disabled or Low-Spoon witches love her bath soaps and teas.
She keeps the names of Her People in a special book, imbued with charms and protection spells.
Sometimes the world knocks on her Door and she’s called to help put the Scales of LIfe back into Balance. Then she must Journey to the spirit world at night and set things in motion back in Midgard during the day. Her own actions may be small in the grand scheme, but they are another drop into the bucket that has been drained and not replenished.
Everything she has, she has fought for; begged, cheated, , called in favors, stretched the truth, or used magic to increase the odds in her favor. In the past she sometimes took a darker path to acquire what she wanted; courting taboo magics and almost selling her very soul to a low-level demon before her gods stepped in and held her tongue. It took a hard fall from grace to bring back her sense of self and give her the impetus to haul her butt out of the pit she had been wandering around in for years.
At one point, she thought that she was the Lost Princess of a story and spent her life looking for a Witch who could help her, but none of the ones she met along the way could speak her language. So she became her own witch, making spells and signs and portents to get an idea of how her own life should best be formed.
She didn’t always listen to her own advice, and it took her a long time to figure out what she was doing.Others walked a similar spiral path, and sometimes their paths would either cross, or pass by close enough that they called out to her and gave her encouragement and advice. Her life started taking on a familiar shape; even if the details were a little different, everything Felt Right this time.
Her goal is to be a guide for others wandering that same direction. People who sometimes come for the deeper help are themselves magically-inclined, although many are not aware of it. She helps them find a system that works for Them. It took her a long time to make up her own way of doing things, so she doesn’t preach, only offers guidelines.