TMW Astrology Gets Real

I just had a brain-explosion regarding the recent transits, retrogrades, and placements of Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury in my natal chart:

* My Saturn Return (27 yrs old) was in SCORPIO, sign of sex, death, rebirth and major drama. My love life went “Krakatoa” and got a total re-write. MUCH improved overall.
Now that Saturn has gone direct again in my Rising Sign (Capricorn) It’s calling for a total re-haul of my core self and how I express it to the world.
HOWEVER – I have Chiron in Gemini; I’m wounded in the Communication department. It’s   wound that will never truly heal. BUT IN EXPERIMENTING WITH TREATMENTS ON MYSELF I CAN BETTER SERVE OTHERS.

So I guess the lessons I’m learning in this current transit, the changes I’ve made, and the plans of further pruning will someday aid others when they need to overhaul their own Life Story.

Huh….. Ok, Universe. I see what you did there.

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