Shadow Work Spread- 1/27/17

Question:  What does the USA need to survive itself?


1) What do I need to accept?

2) What do I need to forgive?

3) What do I need to release?

4) What can I learn?

5) Where can I seek healing and recovery?

6) Where can I get help?

Additional cards pulled for clarification:
7) Most likely outcome as of right now?

8) How long will it take for these events to become evident?

This is a 6 card spread, created by @dreamintuition.
I added the last two cards for my own clarification and kept them because well, you’ll see…

1) Page of Pentacles – Accept the fact that we as a country are still learning. We haven’t been paying attention to earthly matters and have instead been arguing over politics and false values. we have neglected the tangible and real for the intangible and desired.
2) Nine of Pentacles – Forgiveness of our past successes that were bought from the deaths and restrictions of other humans. We accomplished great things by stepping on others and imposed heavy restrictions on the survivors. “Comfort and refinement versus a rapacious instinct”, this is what America was built on. We were never truly “great”, we merely appeared so. We must forgive that part of our history is soaked in blood.
3) The Moon – Release the fears and anxieties and illusions that have clouded our collective eyes. By looking deeper at our history we see the atrocities we have been complicit to. We must release our fears of the unknown and hidden things. By releasing the illusions and seeing beyond their facade, we may find the key to saving ourselves.
4) Knight of Wands – We must learn how to be daring again. Once upon a time. America was known as being a fore-runner of intelligence and innovation. Now we are a stagnant morass of putrification. We must learn to take risks and go boldly forward. There is a risk of brash and reckless behavior, another trait Americans are known for. If we can learn how to be bold and wise, we may have a chance.
5) Ace of Swords – Healing and recovery can be found in new thoughts and ideas, and putting them into action. However, a double-edged sword is a danger to all who would wield it; not so much for the blade itself but by the hand of the person who takes it up. Who ever grasps the sword and leads the charge will set the theme for the coming battle.
6) Temperance – Help can be found in balance. We caught between extremes and by finding the middle ground, we can find the means and method by which to save ourselves from ourselves. This may be the most difficult of tasks, given the ever-widening gulf between people right now.

Additional Cards  (optional):
7) The Tower – At this moment in time, we will not be saved. This may still change, but as of now…
8) Page of Cups – By next November, or sometime in the Autumn, we will see where we stand.


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