Daily Tarot – January 26th, 2017


Today is about making plans and dogged determination to see them through. There’s a struggle that is going on and it is up to us all to organize, plot, plan, and account for all possibility, but also be flexible in our thoughts to entertain less orthodox methods for unseen challenges yet to come. The Knight of Pentacles is steady in his pursuit of his goals. He doesn’t deviate and he plans out every careful step. In “The Glass Mountain”, the hero faces a seemingly impenetrable castle atop a glass mountain by using special climbing spikes. Along the way up the mountain, he is attacked by a giant bird. Thinking quickly, the hero grabs a hold of the bird’s legs and is flown to safety farther up the slope, landing in a tree of magical golden apples. He collects a few for the rest of his journey. He then faces the dragon guardian, that turns out to be an illusion, vanishing with one well-thrown golden apple. The hero did not take the direct route of brute strength of his predecessors, but thought carefully about how he was going to get up the challenging mountain. No one had made it that far, so when he was confronted with the dragon, he was flexible enough in his thinking to take a slightly=less orthodox approach to the problem. The Seven of Swords reminds us that sometimes we must be devious in our plans, and to not be so high-and-mighty as to discount the validity of sneakiness. We can get more accomplished in the shadows and sneaking around backstage than being in the center limelight.


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