Tarot Reading – January 23rd, 2017

Justice                        Five of Wands            Chariot -The Flying Horse
Rider- Waite Tarot            Shadowscapes Tarot           Fairy Tale Tarot

Today is about balance. Be aware that our choices will have consequences, and right now there will seem to be many choices in our path. It may feel like an insurmountable pile of obstacles to pass through first, but if we hold fast to our goals and driving desires, we can make the choices to find balance. Be true to your self; your values, your sense of fairness and decency. The concept of Justice has been called into question lately, and it is up to each person to uphold that inner sense of rightness. The obstacles in front of us are many, and for some people, they may well prove to be overwhelmingly against all that we hold dear. Luckily, we have the energy and drive to face these obstacles, as well as the quick wits to make decisive choices. We are being judged by our actions, and there will be a cost to each of them. Be bold, be strong, but also be mindful of our our actions ripple out and effect others. In all things, strive for greatness and remember your place on the scales of balance and justice.


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