Daily Reading – January 21st, 2017

                               DAILY THEME      CHALLENGE/LESSON       DAILY WISDOM
                                  Ten of Cups             King of Pentacles            Ten of Swords –                                                                                                                                                The Flying Trunk

Today, celebrate the riches you have in your life, both material and spiritual. Spend time with your loved ones, let them know how much you appreciate them and their contributions to your life. Count your financial blessings as well. This is a time of economic uncertainty and what we have in abundance today may be flying off into the sunset later, so make sure your savings account (or emergency cash jar) is to your liking and make any changes needed to ensure stability. The King Of Pentacles is the seed of generosity and growth; whatever he blesses will prosper. And we will need prosperity in the times to come. The Ten of Swords, and the Tale of the Flying Trunk, warn us to be cautious and not cocky with our actions. Keep your hands and arms inside the trunk and hold on for dear life in the times ahead. Be wise in how you spend your money, be generous in your affections, and know that today you are truly rich.


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