Pre-Election Prayer

Columbia, Lady Liberty of the United States, hear my prayer.

Your people are on a knife edge and will decide who governs this land. Will it be a deeply hated woman or will it be the paragon of toxic masculinity? Will this country fall into the hands of fascism or will we take the next step into a future where the Goddess returns? Will we come together, or fall apart?

Lady Liberty, you have watched your people grow and learn and fail and begin again. You have seen us at our worst and at our best. You can see the patterns we are too close to notice and you know where we are heading. I pray we are taking the correct and best path towards progress.

May all your people remember the words inscribed on you tablet.

May they see the light of your torch and find comfort in darkness.

May the stars in your crown guide us to a new day of hope and togetherness.

May we remember that we are all AMERICANS and we are One People, of one race- The Human Race.

Columbia, Lady of Liberty, pray for us.


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