Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Mofarka, Molfar, Polish Szeptuchami & Whisperer and Belarus Whisperer’s Magical Folk Healing Rites

I saw this on Facebook last year and now I’m saving it to my Witch blog. I had long suspected that my breed of weirdness was a long-running, if secret, family trait on the Polish side, and this helped confirm it. In the past year I have delved into shamanism and it feels like coming home.

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

ukraine bird

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain   It gives me great pleasure as a Whisperer to gather this wonderful information of the traditional Whispering Folk Healing rites. As a Dreamer (shaman) along with my Whispering gifts, my ancestral lineages of these ancient abilities, are from the region of southern Poland at the Ukraine border. I both whisper for the sick all the way to the shamanic end of whispering when doing an exorcism. This has always been deep within my roots and my blood as I began whispering naturally in my mid-thirties and never stopped. It became very real and things would happen both to me and the people I helped when whispering.

In my forties and early fifties, I entered it deeper and would also dream about the person or client I help, which effected me deeply. It also required me to do my own healing path and also…

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