Bizzaro World or a sign of better things to come?

The Chicago Cubs won the world series, which wasn’t that hard of a concept considering their new manager and half the team are the same guys who got the Boston Red Sox (GO SOX) to be two-time champions and broke the Curse of the Bambino.

The other night, I burned an effigy of The Donald that I’ve been throwing curses at since August. The words that poured out of my trance-laden mouth were from another voice, not mine, and they were cold and hard and absolutely done with this shit in no uncertain terms.

Afterwards, I went to my altar to commune with the spirits and Lady Hekate in particular. I asked for a clear, unmistakable, and highly visible sign that things would get better and that the world has shifted back towards the balance point.

And the Cubs won.

We’re going to have the first woman president in US history.

The shift is happening now.

Hold on to your bowels, kids.


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