What Drives Me To Do Magic (hint – It is not altruism in any sense)

What have I used magic to attain, without regard or care for the consequences? What have I been willing to whore myself out to the gods to get? What have I begged, bargained, pleaded or made promises to acquire?

It ain’t world peace, that’s for certain. Altho I have pledged my services to help bring about the Best Possible Outcome… but i digress.

It may surprise some people but there are three things I have shamelessly demanded from the Universe, and the Universe responded and gave me what I asked for (for better or worse);

  • Successful Love
  • A home of my own
  • Revenge against a dangerous enemy

Selfish? Some might say so. But when you’ve lived without the security of the first two, and the third is something that has you living in fear, something must be done, no?

I have worked magic for others, either passive or active with permission granted beforehand, to varying degrees of success. Honestly, The best results were to when I set the intention that my target would find their way out of misery and into a future they could enjoy. Creature comforts were the first priority of those spells; find them a job they enjoy, a home they can afford, and someone/thing to share it with them (ask my brother-in-law how his cat magically appeared in his life…) and people were happy. I was happy to see them happy. Ii this day of uncertainty and chaos, where few can afford to live, let alone thrive, in a dismal economy then any steps towards financial and domestic security should be paramount.

I’ve done job spells, quick cash spells, charms, and money-drawing work. They either work or they don’t. And I’ve come to realize that I am hit-or-miss when it comes to money spells. I seem to have better results when I ask for opportunities and the courage to go after them.


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