When Good Witches Go To War

Everyone reaches a breaking point.

Today, I hit mine while driving to work.

A bumper sticker set me off and I began weeping, grieving, my heart breaking for things I could not express, but that Ihad been feeling intensely for so long. I finally had to let the tears flow and I found no shame in them. It was raw emotion coming through. My voice changed, I sang like an angry wolf thirsty for blood and justice.

I’ve had this seething anger and grief brewing for months, for years, and in the last few weeks it has gotten steadily worse. The injustices of the world, of politics, or old men who care not a whit for the lives of anyone but themselves and their cronies. The political bullshit that everyone is sick of but which They have cultivated into a sideshow of apathy and hatred masquerading as nationalist champions and renegades. After what happened in Britain, I have sen so much more than I ever wanted to believe the world was capable of, and not all of it is as awful as the terrors They would peddle to us.

I have seen terror and murder.

I have seen the helpers and medics and friends carry their bleeding and broken children to safety.

I have seen hatred directed at those who only wish to live and peace and equality. And I have seen a mob rise up to defend one person against a bully spewing rhetoric.

I have seen evil men prosper and get away with literal murder, for the choices they made to save or make themselves some coin. And I have seen those who abused their power thrown beneath the heels of those they oppressed with it.

I see so much evil, and very little good-by comparison. That is how They would orchestrate this opera we call The World, and so must we all have our parts to play.

But no one ever thinks about the stagehand; without whom the show could not go on. The stage hands, who wear black and darkness, who move like shadows, unnoticed by the audience and barely recognized by the actors, unless something goes off-script. They get a cursory bow or extended applause at the end of the show, but without them there would be no show at all.

So what happens when the stagehand refuse to follow procedure? Or sabotage the workings of a stage play to show up the pompous and over privileged who think the only reason people flock to the shows is to se them perform. They’re partly correct, of course, but when there’s no stage or set or costumes or lighting, or sound effects, or script-writers then where are these self-proclaimed giants of industry and entertainment?

And what is a Witch, if not one of the many StageHands of Life; walking between the worlds and sets, moving the scenery to better enhance the scene or adjust a light to bring out the best effect and illusion to the audience? Or to cut the sandbag over the abusive, self-aggrandizing fear monger who uses his influence to sway the minds and hearts of the scared and ignorant, preying on their fears and hatreds, making them feel like their brand of hate is acceptable and now validated.

Tell me now, who taught you how to hate? ‘Cause it isn’t in your blood, not a part of what you’re made.

You have an obligation to the children. To Avara and any children you have in the future to lead by example. You are sick of these things repeating in human history and they will always still be, but you have the ability to teach the next generation differently. FIght for them, for a world they can inherit and leave it in a better position than you received .

And then My Lord spoke to me, and I knew what I must do. 


Mighty Hunter, Lord of forest and glen, lend me your keep eyes and deft hands, your arrows and rifle shot to bring down the rabid beast that seeks to destroy all we have struggled to bring about. THere can be no growth without death to feed it, and I call for the death of tyranny, for the death of those who would lead us laughing and jeering into the arms of the Devil and all his minions, who rejoice to see hatred and fear overtake the good and loving light forces who fight when they have no other recourse. I ask for your help in setting the scales back over into balance, away from the wrong-right and back over towards the left-good and just center. Let the balance block be restored to the center pivot and no longer let the scales be pushed so far out-of-place. The ground beneath the scales is askew and no one will say anything about that because to move the earth is the hardest challenge of all, but this incline was built by HUMAN HANDS and HUMAN HANDS can tear it back down to level playing fields again. It doesn’t have to be a bloody battle, where the earth is scorched and renewal would take far longer than it need to. It can happen without pain or suffering, It can happen when people open their eyes and see with the sense the gods have given them. Open their eyes, break the spell. Bring down the monsters and show them for what they are. Make the people beleive. Show them that there is still salvation for the willing and able.


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