Why Spiritual Cleansing is a good idea for everyone

Spiritual Cleansing is something the a lot of people don’t realize they even need. We wash ourselves in the shower, we clean our homes (some of us less than others *cough*) and we clean our clothes, but almost no one thinks to clean our energetic bodies of the psychic nastiness we’ve accumulated over a lifetime of being human. Well, I should clarify; no Muggles think like that. Even I admit to slacking off on the spiritual cleansing as daily practice. For me, it has become an as-needed procedure for when I’m dealing with heavy situations, or emotions. I’ve performed house cleansing/blessings for friends who are moving, or expecting a new baby, and I get cleansed in the process. I also have a looooong drive home through protected forest areas and being out in nature, crossing dozens of underground streams and waterways, or having the ability to crank up the volume on my favorite heavy metal music does a decent job of clearing away most of the gunk by the time I get to my driveway.

When I bought my house last summer, I made a point to set up wards and protective measures on the land itself. I have a collection of protective stones buried in all four corners, scented oils anointing the doors and windows, I burn enough incense to set off the smoke alarms, and I personally think that my husband’s vaping habit acts like incense smoke and chokes out anything malevolent.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to own their home in this day and age. When I lived in apartments, I was able to ward my little space fairly well with stones, herbs, salt and smoke. But sometimes the building was so infested that nothing short of a full-on exorcism could have gotten rid of things for good. Decades of life and death, violence and arguments, drug use and abuse of all kinds had tainted the whole apartment complex down to the foundation. I was once chased up the laundry room stairs by a horde of goblins at 2:30am. My clothes stayed in the dryer until morning and I was not the least bit annoyed when someone left them on top of the machine so they could use it. Even my personal guardian spirits were like “Dude, what the hell was that?”

In my little unit, I was able to keep things down to a manageable level of weirdness. There were moving shadows in the corners, but they mostly stayed there. Residual ghosts that stalked the hallways would not cross over my doorway threshold because of the salt and herb mixtures I regularly sprinkled on the floor.
But there was one thing, one simple thing that I’m embarrassed to say took me a long time to figure out; When I cleaned the apartment with intention and purpose, things died down and stayed quiet until the clutter started to build back up. When the clutter started to pile up, and the trash can was ready to fall over, and the cat was afraid to perch on the edge of her litter box ( I lived in squalor for a while, depression did not help to motivate me) that’s when the negative entities in my building would act out and I’d start having bad dreams, or a feeling of oppression, or shadows would start moving at night and the cat would stare at corners with her tail fluffed up. Then I would perform a massive cleaning burst and throw out weeks worth of junk mail, soak the litter box in vinegar and baking soda, sprinkle fragrant herbs on the carpets and vacuum them up an hour later. And the air would almost sparkle! I could feel my helper spirits nodding in approval and probably wishing that I’d keep things clean from then on. And paranormal activity would die down for a bit. But once I let things go to pot, the negative critters came right back.

Just like we need to be diligent in cleaning our homes to keep germs, dust, and allergens at bay, so too must we be diligent in Cleansing our Spirits to help keep negative energies away.

Negative energies and people are like the ultimate nasty dust devils ; they’re attracted to people with an aura that is heavy with negativity and psychic gunk. So keep your home clean or at least as tidy as you can manage (let’s be realistic here.) If you have a physical disability that inhibits your activity, know that even the smallest clean area you can maintain will go a long way toward keeping a spiritually clean house. If you have an altar or special sacred area, keep it clean and your spirit allies will be happier to help.


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